Shipping / Returns

We deliver only within the City of Calgary

  • Free delivery on orders over $50 (within 10km)

    • $5 - Under $50 within 10km
    • $9 - All other orders within City of Calgary

  • Delivered next day

    • Delivered during store hours on the following business day
    • Delivery MUST be delivered to a person, and can't be left at an address
    • Photo ID will be requested for anyone who doesn't appear to be of legal drinking age
    • We are only able to sell to people who are 18 or over

  • Returns

    Returns are only accepted if:

    • Have foreign material in the bottle;
    • Are not fully filled (short-filled bottles);
    • Have a damaged cork or cap; or
    • Have part of the product missing from a sealed case.
    • There is a Product Recall